People come in search of change through 1 of 3 different avenues:


They have had a moment of clarity and want to change.


A family member or loved one has put the pressure on.


Things have got so bad that things have to change.

A large percentage of people in search of recovery are not sure what they are looking for, they just want to stop what they are doing. This programme sees you as whole and healthy, looking past symptomology for the innate mental health within, that is within all human beings. As a result of this, it is non-confrontational, warm and loving, creating a caring and safe environment to help the recovery process.

We understand that when you come searching for help you feel lost, and have been searching in substances, people and things often for a lifetime, and sometimes without even knowing there is another way. What you may have never understood, is that what you are searching for can only be found within. While this is commonly intellectually understood, the process of how it comes about where life changes instantly is not.

Different to many programmes that are full on, requiring you to be ‘doing’ at all times, this is a different process. It does not require intensity or repetition to gain the understanding needed to achieve recovery. In the presence of warmth, love and understanding you have insights, and realise truths about life, that create lasting change.

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    Mental Health

    Mental health is much like our physical health, there is a system in place that takes care of itself, like when you cut your finger, if you leave it alone it heals. Our innate health is always there.

    This programme is of little value when taught or understood intellectually, although if willing to look deeper, understanding it may lead to life changing insight.

    Through the process of profound conversations, insights are possible into seeing things clearer than they currently look, you can start to see life in a different light, your access to wisdom will be awakened

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    Peace of Mind

    A change in perspective can give access to a deeper peace of mind, regardless of the experience we are having. That is why peace of mind is the goal of recovery, when we have peace of mind and a sense of well-being, it no longer looks like a good idea to medicate our experience of life.

    Everything looks different, all the things that we have ran away from, no longer look problematic, relationships get instantly better, and our experience of life is more of joy, peace, contentment and security rather than of misery and suffering.