Addiction comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of ourselves. We innocently believe that our experience of life is coming from outside, not the inside. As if once we achieve success, happiness, contentment which comes in the form of status or money, property, relationships then we will feel fulfilled and all our problems will disappear. With this belief, we spend a lifetime trying to feel better by achieving or using substances people, places and circumstances in order to have a better experience of life.

The pursuit of this will always be futile because the mind simply does not work this way, nor is there any place to get to. When we believe feelings of joy, peace, contentment and happiness are created from circumstances outside of ourselves, we will go to the end of the earth in order to make things happen that appear to make us feel better. Even if it is only for a short time. This is where the repetitive cycle of addiction is created. This is often apparent after people leave treatment and become addicted to food, relationships, gambling and other processes, because effectively they are still searching.

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    Experience is created from the Inside out

    Experience is created from the inside out, we project outwardly our perception of people places and things, then we spend our days innocently escaping from it.

    Addressing the underlying misunderstanding within is the foundation for addressing addiction in this way. This has proven to be an effective way of treating multiple types of mental illnesses and is used in treatment centres, jails, rehabilitation centres and business environments worldwide.

    “Until someone decided to sail to the edge of the flat earth, people stayed locked in the belief that the edge was as far as they could go.”
    A Model of health

    This is not about seeing you as sick or unwell, damaged or hopeless but seeing you as being innately healthy. There is no blame guilt or endless looking at the past, this is about connecting you with the amazing strength and resilience that is within all human beings.

    Personal transformation comes from insight. When we get an insight into ourselves, often the world changes instantly, even though nothing really changes around us, we see it differently. This change is lasting, and permanent, there are no tips, tricks or techniques it is centred in the essence of who we really are.

    ‘We can start to find out what is true, by finding what is not true.

    This programme can awaken the potential and unique mental well-being that lies within ALL individuals in the most effective, gentle and direct way. Once you get a glimpse of who you are, your world will change, you will no longer feel the need to use.

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    Extreme Resilience

    By nature, people are extremely resilient – we can handle almost anything. However, many of us tend to forget our enormous strength and ingenuity. So, we innocently and often subconsciously turn to habits in order to feel better or deal with life. This programme will restore faith in your own innate capacity for mental health, peace of mind and wisdom.

    It may look to the general public that people who struggle with addiction are weak and not capable of dealing with the challenges of life and it makes sense why it looks that way. It looks like addictions are really hard to get rid of and last for a lifetime, and even when people do get clean, they live in fear of relapse.

    This programme is written with an understanding that is based in a fundamental truth, that is true for all human beings, it crushes all those beliefs.