Infinite Recovery Programme

The Infinite Recovery Project is unlike any traditional recovery programme or treatment type, it is treatment from the inside out. It is not reliant on forcing psychological change through behavioural modification, or repetitive processes in order to recover, it is solely about pointing to the well-being, that is present in all people.

Recovery from the inside out is permanent, lasting and there is no practice to maintain it. Based on years of experience in the psychological world of treatment, personal experience and profound insights The Infinite Recovery Project helps people to see beyond the diagnosis of ‘addict’ and to have a new experience of life, where more joy, contentment and security are the norm.

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    How Does it work

    You will join our immersive process that lasts for 28 days, and then continued support for yourself and your loved ones for a lifetime.

    Stage 1
    Stage 1

    Have a friendly assessment with an Infinite Recovery team member over the phone or zoom. Fill in our well-being scale online to start.

    Stage 2
    Stage 2
    Private Support Group

    Join our 24/7 private support group where you can ask questions, share struggles and read others participation in the process daily.

    Stage 3
    Stage 3
    E-Learning Access

    Gain access to our ground-breaking E-Learning course which you will work through daily over the 28 day immersive online process.

    Stage 4
    Stage 4
    Live Group Calls

    Receive your agenda and times for the month of live group coaching calls, you can watch, but we suggest participation gives best results.

    Stage 5
    Stage 5
    Family Support

    Your family member will be invited to join the family support community and weekly calls. They get regular support as well as you.

    Stage 6
    Stage 6
    One to One

    Book in for your one to one call with your coach and get deeper insight into the programme, your understanding of yourself and the work.

    Stage 7
    Stage 7

    Upon completion of the 28 day immersive programme you will get a certificate of completion and a final group call with your peers.

    Stage 8
    Stage 8

    Join our unlimited lifetime after group where you can deepen your understanding, share, listen to others and watch weekly webinars.

    Watch The Process

    If you prefer to watch the process on video follow the links below to see it animated.

    Watch The Process
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    What’s on offer?
    Our programme has the infinite potential to awaken the peace of mind that lies inside all human beings.
    from all Addiction

    Experience real freedom from all addictions when seeing the misunderstanding.

    Lasting Peace
    of mind

    Taking ourselves less seriously gives us more peace of mind.

    More Connection
    to life

    Rolling with the eb’s and flow’s of life, experiencing more joy and peace.

    Find Lasting Peace

    Knowing true Peace

    Everyone wants a little more peace of mind. Whether you are working with addictions or seeking peace for yourself, the Infinite Recovery Project will help you unravel your personal narrative and have a greater clarity about how life flows from the inside out, living more of the life you want.

    Preventive and Curative

    If you are struggling with relapse, addiction or mental suffering, our programme will help you see life much clearer, to the point where it will no longer look like a good idea to medicate yourself in order to be ok, We aim to help anyone suffering to be free, and anyone who’s in a chronic state of relapse experience a new relationship with life.

    Find your flow in life

    Find your flow in life

    Life can feel like an uphill battle for many people, it seems like things just never go our way, when you see how this experience of being human work, life starts to take on a new direction. With The Infinite recovery Project you will understand and experience the creative potential that we all have inside of us, that makes life feel more in flow.


    Life can seem like a huge effort, everything feels like it is on us to achieve, in this programme you will realise that life doesn’t have to be hard work, transformation does not take effort, it is not difficult, nor does it require years of trying, transformation can happen instantly in a moment of realisation, and is available to everyone, life changes effortlessly.

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      What our clients say

      The infinite recovery programme was a life changing experience, I got way more than I bargained for, life beyond problem gambling looks very different.

      Bertram Myers

      Jason & the team at IR were so patient and helpful with me, guiding me to see what was already inside me of, I did not realise it was what I had been looking for all along in the wrong places.

      Des Eli

      Just mind blowing!

      Takis Dimitris

      As a family member I enrolled my son hoping he would change his gambling habits. I saw so much more for myself and how I support him, and not only has he change, my life also looks very different thank you Infinite Recovery.

      Filippa Spyridon
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