How is Infinite Recovery different
to other ways of treatment?

This approach to treatment is completely different to the traditional therapies that are used for addiction and mental health such as counselling, CBT or psychotherapy. There are no techniques or coping mechanisms like anger management, problems solving or conflict resolution needed.

This is insight lead learning, where change comes effortlessly. This shows that as we are creating in the moment, there is always opportunity for a shift in perspective and a new reality to form, regardless of your mental health or past experiences.

Once you see just a glimpse of the relationship between thought and emotion then experience a change in perspective, it paves the way for the dominos to fall. You will see and question how your whole life experience looks to the point where it all starts to look different.

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    Treatment Delivery

    This programme is different to psychological therapies and 12 steps, the process of change comes about uniquely. Treatment is delivered in a loving non-confrontational environment, with a feeling of calm and peace, this allows for a reflective space and an attraction to learning more.

    This treatment is delivered by people personally impacted by what they are teaching which enables them to point to the source of happiness and freedom.

    It is imperative that the practitioner is in a good state of mind, seeing clearly how their experience of life is created, without this they cannot confidently point you to your own mental health.

    Model of Health
    vs Model of Disease

    This approach is looking at your innate mental health, whereas all other treatments are looking at the mental illness.

    All other approaches see the you as broken, sick or unwell needing to be fixed or get better, at the Infinite Recovery Project we see the you as innately healthy, regardless of the manifestation of your behaviour. We are all born with innate wisdom, we just sometimes get lost in our own personal thinking and conditioning along the way.

    Seeing the innate mental health within allows the practitioner to help you have insights into how the mind really works, and become free of the suffering you have been innocently creating. Not only does that free you from the addictive process, it is life changing, and makes a difference to all areas of life.

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    Tools & Techniques vs
    Clear Understanding

    In all other modalities of change, regardless of ‘spiritual’ or psychological there is an emphasis on process, behaviour or thought change.

    This approach understands that you have all the answers inside of you, and only need guidance to shine a light on your own wisdom, in order to see it.

    We point to what is true for everyone, avoiding getting into your personal struggles, what often happens is problems lessen and disappear without realisation.

    The Benefits of Infinite Recovery
    • Positive feelings are experience more often
    • This is both preventative and curative
    • We tap into our happiness, joy & security
    • Less stress, anxiety, or other mental health conditions
    • Change is instantaneous, and permanent
    • We no longer need to strive, life becomes effortless.
    • Family relationships can heal alongside your own
    • No tips or techniques are needed to stay clean
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