Resources for Treatment
from the Inside Out

Below is a list of academic research papers, studies and resources that have been written about the inside out approach to mental health and addiction treatment. Studies have shown significant improvements in well-being, and academic papers do their best to point out what is difficult to point to. The bottom line is, this understanding has been changing lives worldwide for centuries, just in different forms.

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    Articles and Papers

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    Teaching Health Versus Treating Illness: The Efficacy of Three Principles Correctional Counseling With People in an English Prison. Thomas M Kelley, Jacqueline Hollows, Eric G Lambert, Dennis M Savard, Jack Pransky Found here
    Three principles correctional counseling (3PCC) posits that people in prison have inner mental health they have obscured to varying degrees with their own thinking. 3PCC further posits that people in prison can rekindle and sustain this inner health via understanding how three psychospiritual principles-Universal Mind, consciousness, and thought-coalesce to form people’s psychological experience
    A superpower? An educational initiative? Or something else … Journal of Public Mental Health, 16(4), 169-171 Kessel, A., Neill, M., Marmur, E. and Malik, R.
    Through a deeper understanding of how the mind works, traditional work-related problems begin to look very different, or even dissolve away completely. Stress and anxiety are seen as the experiential manifestation of thoughts that do not need to be feared, and can be dropped. Rapport is not a strategy to be applied to others, but a natural consequence of being completely present in the room, listening with respect and being prepared to learn. Influencing others no longer takes the form of how you get people to do what you want, but is about genuinely connecting, presenting your position thoughtfully but also being prepared to be influenced by those around you. Conflict, promotion and change management all appear different.
    A New Inside Out perspective on General Factor P Thomas M. Kelley, Dr William F. Pettit, Jack Pransky and Judith Sedgeman Found here
    what we posit is the exclusivity of people’s understanding and use of the ability of thought in the etiology and maintenance of both mental disorders and mental health. We posit that people can use their ability to think in a manner that either produces distressing symptoms or in a way that produces mental well-being and common sense.

    Just as there is an innate health-producing design behind every human system (i.e., gastro-intestinal, cardio-vascular, excretory) we posit there is also an innate health-generating design behind the agency of thought; that virtually everyone is born thinking in an effortless, free-flowing way and experiencing mental health.

    Research in Mental Health and Resilience

    Realizing Improved Mental Health Through Understanding Three Spiritual Principles Thomas M. Kelley, Jack Pransky, and Eric G. Lambert Found here
    “This understanding proposes that all people have innate mental health they can access and sustain regardless of past or present circumstances.”

    Inside-Out or Outside-In: Understanding Spiritual Principles versus Depending on Techniques to Realize Improved Mindfulness/Mental Health Thomas M. Kelley, Jack Pransky, and Eric G. Lambert Found here
    “All humans have the inner ability to synchronize their personal mind with Impersonal Mind to bring harmony into their lives…Universal Mind and personal mind are not two minds thinking differently, but two ways of using the same mind”

    Discovering Our Health: Rethinking Mind, Consciousness, and Thought Elena Mustakova-Possardt Found here
    Thought can be understood as the creative agent, the capacity to give form to formless life energy; it is the link between the source and the form our experience is taking in the moment

    Principles for Realizing Resilience: A New View of Trauma and Inner Resilience Thomas M. Kelley and Jack Pransky Found here
    all people have innate resilience from which they can realize, access, and live regardless of past circumstances, present stressors, and traumatic events encountered over time.

    Natural Resilience and Innate Mental Health Thomas M. Kelley Found here
    A possible relationship between mindfulness and thought recognition may operate to influence other mechanisms to heighten mental health,

    Mindfulness as a Potential Means of Attenuating Anger and Aggression for Prospective Criminal Justice Professionals Thomas M. Kelley and Eric G. Lambert Found here
    . More important, psychologists have also failed to realize that the human capacity for resilience, highlighted by Bonanno, is natural and normal, part and parcel of the innate health built into all human beings.

    Research in Psychology and Counseling

    Principle Based Interventions: Summary of Outcome Data Collected Roger C. Mills Found here
    The treatment group showed significant positive changes in positive affect, behavioral emotional control, self esteem and self efficacy, with significant decreases in anxiety and depression

    Principle-Based Psychology of School Violence Prevention Thomas M. Kelley Found here
    the agency of consciousness is neutral in that consciousness will convert whatever thinking it encounters into experience. In other words, consciousness makes no distinction regarding the quality of thought that it brings to life.

    Health Realization; An Innate Resiliency Paradigm for School Psychology Roger C. Mills and Rita Shuford Found here
    we started to see that it was not behavior that was conditioned, but rather it was people’s thinking. We recognized the consistent, very predictable, link between what someone made of their situation and both their emotional and behavioral responses

    Positive Psychology and Adolescent Mental Health: False Promise or True Breakthrough? Thomas M. Kelley Found here
    Consciousness is the ongoing sensory experience of thought as reality.

    The Need for a Principle-Based Positive Psychology Thomas M. Kelley Found here
    HR assumes that all human beings are born with a natural source of psychological wellbeing, an innate thought process (i.e., free flowing thinking) that is always rational, lucid, and functional.

    Principle-Based Correctional Counseling: Teaching Health Versus Treating Illness Thomas M. Kelley Found here
    as offenders understand these principles and realize how to use thought in their best interest, their overall psychological functioning improves

    Research on Stress

    Principles for Realizing Resilience: A New View of Trauma and Inner Resilience Thomas M. Kelley and Jack Pransky Found here

    Effects of Mind-Consciousness-Thought Intervention on Stress and Well-Being in Freshman Nursing Students Judith A. Sedgeman Found here