This course is a life changing process that works for anyone suffering to be able to live free of any addiction, trauma or eating disorders, and enjoy peace of mind, joy and contentment, regardless of the past.

Alternative to residential rehab

No need to take a month or more out of your busy life.

Transformative programme

A programme that helps create space for your transformation.

Freedom from addiction

Not just a plaster on a bullet hole, but freedom from all addictions.

28 Day Immersive Programme

Immersion into something completely new, a different direction.

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Infinite Recovery is a programme based on seeing the perfect mental health that is innate within all human beings. Seeing beyond diagnosis and disease models of recovery, we help you to see the misunderstanding of how the mind works. How we create our own reality through thought in the moment, and how to live life at peace, experiencing more joy, contentment, security and a grounded sense of well-being.

We learn through the process, where our mental well-being comes from, and how to ride the roller coaster of life, regardless of mental health diagnosis. We also find out how to live & experience life in a completely new way, insights you get in the programme, are permanent, and do not require upkeep or regular practice. You cannot lose them.

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Every human being is sitting in the middle of mental health they just don’t know it.
-Syd Banks
What We Work With

Gambling Addiction

The act of gambling, finding something outside of yourself to make you feel better on the inside is the symptom, not the problem. This turns into addiction when loss of rational thinking sets in and finding ways and means to get more becomes more important than normal daily life, after that important things start to get compromised and gambling takes over.

We start to rationalise our gambling, spend money we don’t have, manipulate close family members and hide what we are doing due to feelings of shame.

This programme is insight lead learning, we learn how we are living an inside out experience of life, not outside in.

It’s important to remember that the gambling is just the outward manifestation of a deeper misunderstanding….

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Call 0333 303 4160 today to begin your treatment process
28 Day immersive Online Programme

28 Day immersive
Online Programme

Being immersed into a new understanding is an essential part of this ground-breaking programme. We learn best when surrounded by and immersed in new ideas, seeing people change and have insights right before our eyes.

Ground Breaking E-Learning Course

Ground Breaking
E-Learning Course

Our ground breaking E-Learning course takes you on a journey of understanding how the mind works, from the inside out. It asks questions and forces reflection on beliefs and understandings of life that create transformation

One to One Coaching

One to One

One to One coaching creates a space to reflect on what you are learning in your transformative process. A transformative coach will help guide you to your own insights that are permanent life changing insights of what is already true.

Live Weekly Group Coaching Webinars

Live Weekly Group
Coaching Webinars

These meetings happen twice weekly for 90 mins, this is where we learn about a particular area of the understanding that will be life changing. We get to share insights, ask for guidance and share what we are seeing fresh about life, how life looks different.

Private Support Group

Private Support

Our private support group is available 24/7 where you can post questions, read shares and participate in conversations about what you are learning. This is completely private and moderated by Infinite Recovery staff. So you can feel safe if you are sharing.

Lifetime Recovery Community

Lifetime Recovery

We don’t just leave you stranded when your immersive programme has finished. Believe it or not, we get great joy from seeing your transformation, so we would love for you to be part of our lifetime recovery community, where someone is always available.

What our clients say

The infinite recovery programme was a life changing experience, I got way more than I bargained for, life beyond problem gambling looks very different.

Bertram Myers

Jason & the team at IR were so patient and helpful with me, guiding me to see what was already inside me of, I did not realise it was what I had been looking for all along in the wrong places.

Des Eli

Just mind blowing!

Takis Dimitris

As a family member I enrolled my son hoping he would change his gambling habits. I saw so much more for myself and how I support him, and not only has he change, my life also looks very different thank you Infinite Recovery.

Filippa Spyridon
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